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      What can be said in 140 characters? When you’re used to being gagged like Autumn is, you fit plenty of interesting in every sound!

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       Have you ever wondered what Autumn sounds like? With or without a gag? Here’s your chance to find out – both! Autumn gagged, ungagged and like you’ve never seen her before – with sound! Plus, even more content from friends too!

59a879c8-e0d7-11e3-8925-6b30c11f8512      If you’re on Fetlife, send her a friend request – she’d love to be a part of your circle of friends. And, really, how cool would that be?

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PODCAST ICON 3   Who could resist finally being able to hear Autumn speak? (Gagged or not – in fact, hearing her gagged might be just the best thing you’ve heard all day!)

pinterest     Interested? You bet! Pinterested? Well, Autumn has lots of Wartenberg Pinwheels, but maybe you’d like her Pinterest page even better!

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