How to Wear Male Chastity Devices under Clothes

1664a_5722a_5723a_Purple Surrender 3 Inch Wide Leather CuffsChastity devices may sound like something from generations past, but they are quite common in the BDSM world of today. Both men and women are made to wear these chastity devices for a variety of reasons.

In some instances the device is worn as a part of training. It helps to teach control to the submissive over their desires and their bodies reaction to it. Doms will also utilize chastity devices as a form of discipline and punishment. Sometimes, however, it is simply a part of the role play.

Guide to Fetish Related Prostate Health

1846m_2127ex_Chromed Steel Chained Wrist and Ankle Dungeon Irons and Padlocks Set-5Seems a little off to include the words fetish and health in the same sentence. After all, is there anything about a fetish that can be good for your health? The answer is that there is. Because one fetish that people enjoy is prostate stimulation, milking and massaging.

But how does that help your health? Well, the truth is that prostate cancer is one of the leading cancers among men and it grows more every year. So it’s always posing a danger .

Four Reasons You Should Try Penis Plugs

Why you shoudl try penis plugs male cock bondage2422a_Shades of Master Grey Luxe PVC Cage Panel Ballgag Trainer-3For some the idea of a penis plug is a bit scary. Obviously you have already learned a little about them if you are researching further about the benefits of using them. Here, I am going to tell you just a bit about what you gain from the use of penis plugs and why you might want to choose them.

Penis plugs, also known as urethra sounds, are devices that do pretty much what they say. They are plugs that are inserted into the urethra, or opening, on the penis. Some of the most common reasons for using these devices are:

Erotic Hood Play – Guide to Hoods for Beginners

957a_956a_Purple Pony Gag ReinsWhen I think about BDSM play, one of the first things that comes to mind is being tied up tight with a lot of sexy and silky bondage rope. And oh how that extra excitement from being erotically restricted gets the heart racing and blood flowing—to all the right places! Playing with bondage hoods is kind of like taking being tied up to the next level, because it restricts your body on both an external and internal level, depriving you of your senses. For me, in my experience with the sexiest and super stimulating fun in sensory deprivation play, hoods are an essential component. If you’re new to the world of bondage hoods, you’ve come to the right place! I have tons of ideas and advice about the exploration process and what kind of hoods to start with.

Complete Guide to Fetish Ballet Heels

1432a_3752m_Shoe Gag Harness Red Leather-1Ballet Heels are the definitive fetish fashion accessory for the ultimate fetish Prima Dona.  Ballet Fetish Heel Shoes are beautiful and distinctive but they can be difficult to walk in unless you have ballet experience.  However, chances are you won’t do much walking in your new ballet boots.

As if he’d let you out the door in your new ballet boots….more you will happily be tied to the bed.

Walking in Ballet Heels

Beginner Guide to Cock Rings

1846m_2127ex_Chromed Steel Chained Wrist and Ankle Dungeon Irons and Padlocks Set-5Chances are, if you have made it this far then you already have a reason for using a cock ring and the basic knowledge of what they are for. But just in case, let’s first go over some of the main reasons that a person might want to use a cock ring:

  • Prolonged pleasure during sex
  • To increase the stimulation of sexual interaction
  • To increase the girth of the penis
  • To add a bit of sadism to the pleasure

The reason that you choose a cock ring doesn’t matter. What is important is that you do so properly to gain the most benefit.  That is how this guide will help you.

10 Traits of a Natural Submissive

3451a_2668a.1I talk a lot about the BDSM lifestyle. I also share quite often my personal preference for being a submissive and how I enjoy bondage and discipline and other forms of role play. These are my own sexual choices. But being submissive is about more than the preferences I have inside of the bedroom.

People tend to think that those of us into BDSM are content as long as the partner we choose is our sexual match. But that isn’t true. Just like anyone else, we have qualities and traits that we look for beyond sexual. When a Dom is looking for a new Sub, he will look specifically for a set of traits that he feels will enhance their relationship both in and out of the bedroom.

6 Reasons You Should Try Bondage Gags

da_1711s_short_2 - 13Obviously your interest in bondage gags is already stimulated or you wouldn’t be reading about them. So now you want to know what the purpose, or more specifically, benefit to you will be if you try them out. Well, there are six very valid reasons that you should engage in some kinky fun that incorporates a great bondage gag.

Fantasy Fulfillment

It’s no secret that bondage sex is an active way to role play some of your most hidden fantasies. During the process of bondage, the dom and sub will reenact a variety of scenes that turn both of them on and leave them both feeling satisfied.

5 Reasons You Should Try Male Chastity

Why you should try male chastity cock cagesChastity is when someone is being ordered to abstain from something sexual. It can be as simple as forcing a person to abstain from climax or get as complicated as stopping them from the arousal point.

In order to achieve chastity, most will have to use a special device known as a chastity device. Using a male chastity device is common in role play situations in which the male is the submissive and the dominant is a female, or Mistress.

But, why should you try male chastity? Well, there are a number of benefits to incorporating this into your role playing lifestyle. Here are five of the top ones: