Vows for a Collaring Ceremony

2975d_Black Latex Garter Belt(These are just examples…one of my friends did this, but the other said they just ‘went with the flow’! You can do what you feel is right!) The slave is to kneel in front of the Master. The master then recites his vows, which can be written beforehand or impromptu, depending upon how formal you would like to make your ceremony.  After the Master has completed his words, it now the submissive’s turn to recite their vows, which again can be written or impromptu.  Once the vows are exchanged th e Master places the collar on the slave’s neck and the ceremony is complete.  Usually there are few things that happen after that, but I’ll leave the rest of that to the imagination.  *wink*

How to Gag Your Lover

How to gag your bondage lover bondage gags

DominantNothing like a title that garners attention is there? Ha! I can just see men jumping into this while muttering things like “I already know plenty of ways to gag my girl.”

Sorry to disappoint fellas, this isn’t that kind of article. *wink* Well, maybe a little. But that’s not what we are talking about here. We are talking about the real deal. Gagging. Ball gags. Regular gags. A handkerchief. It doesn’t matter. The point is to silence her during a fun role playing encounter. And no, you can’t just silence her for your own peace. It doesn’t work that way.

How to do a Collaring Ceremony

1818p_2975d_2976d_2974d_Black Latex Fitted Stockings-2So you may be asking yourself….What’s a Collaring Ceremony ??

The Collaring Ceremony

What is a Collaring Ceremony?

A collaring ceremony is comparable to a wedding vow exchange.  They can be private, such as an elopement, or public within a bdsm group or just a group of your friends.  The idea behind a collaring ceremony is a “claiming” ritual and a coming together; a union of souls, united fully in love and commitment.  Much like a wedding vow exchange, (but with a kinky and fetish twist!) the collaring ceremony is performed with a special collar instead of a wedding ring.

Five Tips for Being a Dom

1864w_Prized Possession Latex Dress with Pretty Pink Frill Bottom copyThose who do not participate in or understand the BDSM lifestyle often believe that subs and Doms are just born with the ability to keep to their role. It is true that the traits obvious in both roles can show up early in life. It is also true that sexual preferences can appear before someone becomes involved in the lifestyle. But even natural Doms sometimes need a little help.

Here are five tips that will help any Dom to maintain his role with ease and efficiency.

  1. Control

Creative Uses for Rope Bondage

Creative uses of bondage rope how to use bondage ropeI think we already know my take on bondage and bondage sex. It’s amazing! Nothing excites me more than being bound during one of my favorite role play sessions with Master.

There are different kinds of bondage and different type of restraints. One of the oldest and still commonly used materials for restraint is rope. Many people have migrated away from rope because of things like rope burn, but when used properly it can actually be a lot of fun. If for no other reason than that there are a multitude of ways that you can get creative with rope.

Beginners Guide to Gags

Beginner's Guide to bondage gag BDSM Gag guide902w_Latex Bondage Stockings with D-Rings-3Okay so let’s talk gags for bondage. The biggest problem that people find with using gags during their bondage role play is trying to decide on what type of gag to use. There is such a wide variety of possibilities that people often get confused and assume that all gags are the same.

That is not true.

Yes, if you go to the basic definition of a gag all of them are going to fit the bill. But there are different styles of bondage gags that have different purposes. The one you choose will depend on your personal preferences as well as the goals you have in mind. Of course, to make those decisions we first have to explain the gags and the differences between them

Beginner’s Guide to Restraints

Beginner guide to bondage restraints how to get the right bdsm restraints1864w_Prized Possession Latex Dress with Pretty Pink Frill Bottom-side copyThe best thing about bondage sex is, well, the bondage. Regardless of what level you choose for participation in BDSM role playing, chances are that bondage will play a part. In fact, it is often the first thing that people explore when they are interested in taking things to a kinkier level.

But before you get all tied up in the fun of bondage, you want to take a little time to learn about restraints, how to use them properly and what kind of options you have. That’s what this handy little beginner’s guide is going to teach you.

Beginner’s Guide to Paddling

Beginner paddling  how to do an erotic spanking subshop bondageOne of the best things about BDSM, bondage and role playing is that you can take something fun and expand on it to make it better. Paddling is a good example.

Spanking has been used in training and punishment for subs throughout the years. Flogging and paddling are nothing more than different and sometimes more exciting ways to incorporate spanking.

But if you are planning to take advantage of paddling in your role play, it’s important that you know the basics about doing so successfully. That is what we are going to discuss in this beginners guide.


Beginner’s Guide to Flogging

Beginner Flogging Guide how to punish your bdsm slave830hs_domme2Decided you want to incorporate flogging into your bondage role play? Well, for many that participate in the BDSM lifestyle, making flogging a part of it is a no brainer. But what do you do when you are not totally sure what you need to do? That is what I’m here to help with. This guide will tell you the most important things to consider when you decide to add a little punishment fun to the mix.

For anyone unaware, flogging is a form of punishment that the dom will inflict on the sub. It uses a tool known as a flogger in the same style as a whip to spank the sub.

10 Traits of a Natural Dom

10 traits of a natural dominant sub-shop bondage blog1818p_2975d_2976d_2974d_Black Latex Fitted Stockings-2I’m not sure why people believe that it’s easier to find a BDSM partner than it is to find a vanilla one. That is just not the case. It’s not like we have a hotline we call and say “I want a man that will tie me up and spank me, STAT!” and they send over the perfect guy. But that’s a damn good idea if I do say so myself.

Much like anyone else, we search for an ideal partner. Someone who possesses the characteristics we prefer. It just so happens that being a little kinky is one of them.