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What is Bondage Uprising About? It’s About You!3

Bondage Uprising was born out of a revolution to fight against the the media attacks and “sex shaming” of those who are into something other than boring, lights out missionary sex. The media titalizes and shames us at the same time. It uses our sexuality against us with commercials and with news cast baiting but it also shames us if we are different. I personally was a victim of this and I started Bondage Uprising as a way to fight back against the Haters.

For you see, the Haters don’t really hate us. They hate themselves. They hate that their lives are boring and dull. They hate that they haven’t had a mind bending orgasms that lasted 3 minutes or longer …..ever. They hate that anyone else is doing what they secretly wished they were doing. So, we should not hate the Haters. We should feel sorry for them. Imagine how uptight, frustrated and upset they must be to walk around in a cloak filled with judgments that mean nothing to anybody but themselves and their own secret desires and wants.

However, this Bondage Uprising isn’t about them, it’s about YOU. It’s about being who you are and being proud of it. Bondage Uprising is about the love, joy and fun a healthy and exciting sexual relationship can bring to your life. It’s about the fulfillment of a need deep within to be who you are, without exception and without apologies. It’s about supporting each other and ending any shame or feelings of negativity that go with bondage or any other types of wonderful bedroom kinks.

I am sure we all have a story to tell. A time where we struggled with our sexuality and a time when we overcame it, massively to the tune of earth shaking orgasms heard around the world. Now is our time to stand up and support each other. It’s time to tell our stories and to be heard but most importantly it’s our time to also listen to all of the love and support that is truly around us in the wonderful and amazing Bondage Community.

Struggling with shame for who you are and what you desire, ends here. Not on my watch will anyone feel bad for loving a ball gag or seeing handcuffs and thinking, “that looks amazing”! We are going to silence the haters with ball gags! We will bring out the positives of a healthy, loving and amazing BDSM relationship while also supporting each other with love, understanding and caring.

We will fight back against the media with their “sex shaming” and put an end to the puritanical outdated views that sex is something dirty. We are different and we are damn proud of it. We will all stand together, arm and arm, and tell our story. We will be a community of support for all. But most importantly, we are going to have some fun, damn it. Because that is what it is all about.

So, show us how you overcame your obstacles. Share your story with us! Tell us what makes you happy and what sets your heart free. We want to know! It’s all about you and for you. It’s our Bondage Uprising together we stand for love, equality, happiness and the most mind bending orgasms ever.

I’ve shared my story of Why I’m Back and how the haters shut me down and had me crying in my closet. But I also detailed how and why I grew from it and am back stronger and better than ever. Thank you for kicking me haters, because I grew stronger for it. Thank you for the negative media attention because it enraged me enough to do something about it. NO MORE SEX SHAMING. IT’S DONE.

Together we can change the world and it starts with you telling us your story. Keep it anonymous but keep it honest. We are all here for you and we are all here for each other. The Bondage Uprising will be like no other Uprising before because it’s about not just fighting back but fighting back with love and support.
It’s time for you to tell your story! Send it us here !

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